Oct 17

Let’s get started…

I work as a Solution Architect in a big software company. It’s a great job… but somehow I was missing something… When I studied Computer Science (actually it’s Computing Engineering in my case) I thought I would be doing later a different thing that what I am doing right now…

In the uni we studied the theory behind the computer. And I really enjoyed it, because it was the natural thing to do after playing when I was a child with all different types of electronics (and receiving a couple of electric shocks)…

My father gave me one year for Christmas one of these:

Electro L

And I found it amazing, I don’t know how many hours did I spend building circuits… So the next year I got this:


Soon I started to collect motors, transformers… Combining them with Lego… Serious fun in a sometimes very untidy bedroom that my mum did not like.

And now, it’s time to go back to the origins… I enjoy being a Solution Architect, but I miss playing with electronics. And then I discovered the Raspberry Pi project. A computer the size of a credit card, cheap and most importantly, with a very easy way to extend and connect to the external world.

A few years ago, that was just called automation or control. Today, it’s the Internet of Things, and immediately crossed to my mind to start a home automation project. Why not control the lights, the heating, who gets in, the shopping list, the watering of the garden…

So this blog starts to show how this project goes… and hopefully inspire others to do similar things, as I got inspired by my parents when I was a child… Because kids… we need engineers to build our future… But as important as that, those engineers should have loads of fun while building it 😉




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